Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey! so I'm going to start a special post called Spotlight where I post images of one or more of my favorite pieces of clothing or accessories at the moment.

1. Shoulder Bag

I got this purse from my mom-she didn't use it so it wasn't hard for her to part with it. But for me it would take a lot since I think this purse has so many elements that make it unique and precious. For one, it features multiple textures of leather of different colors that both compliment and contrast each other. Also it features metal detailing,particularly the heart shaped clasp.  The purse is big enough for my wallet, phone and a few other things. Perfect for making a run :)

2. Two- toned Oxfords

I got these for $20! I was looking for brown flats and came across these at Urban Outfitters. The light brown part is linen and the darker brown is faux leather. I've only worn them once since I don't have pants to wear with them yet, but I'm excited to wear them more in the fall. I've kept them in the shoe box for a while and every now or then I'll come across them-it's like a finding a small treasure and a reminder that I need to wear them more!