Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've been gone for a while...

But I'm back! So, with college apps, senior year and everything else, I haven't had much time or inspiration to take pics for my blog but thats all done with now. I still have apps and the rest of the year to finish but I'm ready to post some stuff and keep updating! NO MORE SLACKING (this shall be my mantra for now on :) )

First things first: outfit

Since I don't have a super professional camera or a photographer or tripod for any matter I'll start posting bits of my outfit, like the accessories or the top and pants and when I'm able, the whole outfit when its put together (because that's when you get to see the beauty of it all)

That being said, here's what I'm wearing tomorrow:

(two-toned oxfords, gold danglies, and "moonstruck" nail polish)

I'll be pairing this with a purple tribal top and some black pants (billowy at the top, slim at the bottom). Will post pics sooon!

Second, I've been wearing my hair wavy recently and thought it'd be nice to post a pic with instructions on getting the effect:

For the hair above, I wore my hair in a french braid in the back and in a top bun at night. In the morning, my hair was like this! Most of the time though,

1)I'll section my hair into big pieces
2) use a medium size curling iron to curl
3) Then run my fingers though the pieces, to create a less defined look
4)Top it off with a little oil sheen for shine

Well there goes the first post in months haha. Hope you enjoy!