Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nails and Sweaters

Ahhhh finals are next week! But to distract myself/relieve some stress I've looked for some inspiration to post:

With the colder weather comes layers and a need for some major accessorizing. And lately the best and easiest way to add a little flare to one's outfit is by nail color. so I decided to experiment and have fun and I like the turn out :) (I also tried the design with the purple and pink--clearly i had a lot of time)

And now to sweaters! I've lately been wearing one (or two together) and let me tell you-- its the best way to stay warm but have the ability to mix up textures to create a multi-dimensional palette. My favorites include my cheetah and my tan with buttons. But my all time love is my fuzzy blue-its a character of its own :)