Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tropical Occasion

Today's sunny and I'm in a festive mood. To match my outfit with my personality, I'm wearing a print dress that my grandma made (from a pattern, but amazing nonetheless), a tropical shirt I purchased for 3 bucks at a supermarket (!!) and my striped purse. To top it off, I painted my nails a minty shade and I feel just as warm on the inside as it is outside :).

Big things coming up soon: GRADUATION!!!!! in a few days. HOLY COW.


Just a quick snap of my jacket recently turned vest in response to the increase in temps :)

I know I know, Nicki Minaj is usually not what comes to mind when one thinks of  good music, but this song is so catchy! I can't help but feel in a good mood when I listen to this poppy tune :)