Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Soon!

So my birthday is less than two weeks away and I am that much closer to being 18!!! I'm super excited yet I don't really know what I'm doing yet...Anywho I'vedecided to start a little DIY series, a spruce-up-what-you-already-have section if you will. For my first project I turned my sheer black blouse into a sleeveless blouse. Simple, yet it's like the clothing has been given a breath of fresh air.

Here's some pics:



Close up

I like the raw edges-gives it a sort of undone look which will look nice paired with tailored pants :)

AND here's something I'm eyeing for my birthday:

GAHHHHH I'm in love!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nail Fun-Ombre Effect

So I know I'm kinda late, which I am on a lot of things, but I wanted to try the ombre effect on my nails. It looks really interesting yet subtle enough that it doesn't scream look at me! i'm distracting! I figured I'd give it a go and I'm pretty satisfied with my first try. I took some pictures along the way in hopes to show you guys how to achieve the same effect. Enjoy!

step 1.

Paint your nails with a base coat. I did two layers to increase the opacity but it depends on the density of your polish.

step 2.

Use a darker shade to make a french tip. If you're going for a more subtle effect, use a shade closer to the base color.

step 3.

For this step you will need a sponge ( I used a cosmetic wedge) and a disposable place to put the drops of nail polish on (I used a napkin). Pour a few drops of the nail polish you used for the tip onto the napkin. Then lightly press the sponge on the polish. Wipe the excess polish off (you don't want a lot of polish on the wedge). Then gently press the sponge onto the nail close to the root while leaving some of the base color visible. You want to do it lightly so that it is barely visible. Your goal is to gradually work from the barely visible shade to the the dark shade on the tip (in this case black). You don't want to be able to see the line of the original tip you made. So keep on lightly dipping and pressing the nail polish on your nails until you get the effect you want. Finish off with a clear top coat.


I used the following nail polishes: sinful colors 'black on black", confetti "moonstruck", and a clear base/top coat.

* I got a sort of rough texture on my nails, which I like since playing with texture is going to be big this year. If you want a more smoother finish I would suggest applying the sponge very gently and slowly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today was pretty good. Hung out with a friend and took some photos for her photography project :)) The theme was image and stereotypes--how people view others based on what they wear. Will upload photos soon!
Lemme just say, with it being fashion week and all I've gotten a new dose of inspiration. So while I may be a coast away from the action, I'm still feeling like a member. Here's what I wore today-

jacket-borrowed, gifted sweater, pants-wetseal, shoes-UO

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Here's what I wore today. I wanted to keep it simple with a little detail and very warm. The sweater is made out of wool and is incredibly warm--one of my favorite pieces as of late :)

(gifted sweater, blouse/skirt-goodwill, moto boots-db shoes)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


As you well know fashion week started today :DDDD and it's also thursday. Thankfully friday is around the corner and I have a little R&R to look forward to. Oh how i wish i lived in nyc right now-i'd be at a show right now,but unfortunately it hasn't hit the west coast or at least not on the same scale and it might not ever :O.

Overall today was nice and i was able to get a friend to help me take a few shots for my outfit post :) now i must attend to the pile of homework i have been superb at avoiding until now ...

(blazer-hm, pants-wetseal, top-oldnavy,)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tribute Post

I was inspired by the "I Love My..." series on Refinery29 to write a tribute post to my favorite sneakers, which I had to throw away yesterday. While it may not seem too important-the whole discarding of worn shoes- I had a special bond with these creations. I wrote an entry in my journal last night about them right before I had to bid them farewell and decided to share :P

"Today was a sad day. I got rid of my keds. One might ask how one can be so attached to a pair of canvas sneakers dyed red but that wouldn't be the right question. The question is why?
I got my keds last year in March for my birthday while in search for new shoes, since my current ones then were running low on both fuel and sole. I remember walking into a local skate-shop and spotting the vibrant sirens, like red flags begging for attention. I asked for my size, tried them on and as they say the rest is history.
My keds have seen rain, snow, and sunshine, hiked through mud and beat the gray pavement-they've been everywhere (which isn't too hard when you're worn at least every other day). Those shoes have seen me at my best and at my worst. When I had the opportunity to lay in the grass, basking in the sun and feeling content with my life and all those around me (a rare occurrence lol) and when I walked down the streets in my neighborhood attempting to let off steam after an intense argument with my family. They've always been ready to slip on, comfortable and added a much needed dose of character.
... my keds were a good pair. Heck! a good friend (am I bordering crazy yet?) Even with holes in both the heels and the flopping bits of sole they managed to be the best looking pair of sneaks out there. So I took a picture of them to remember them long after they left my care. Thanks guys, we had an awesome time together :)"

Indeed I even let out a sniffle when I placed them in the trash

Friday, February 3, 2012

an intro to my closet

I made a post not too long ago about some things that were inspiring me and I have actually incorporated some of them into my wardrobe :) I've added colored skinnies (something I would have never bought a year ago because I thought they looked gaudy, but have found my self taken to the pastels), white/pink chucks, pastel-colored striped tops and pretty black bow flats to my collection and feel like for the first time I'm close to my ideal wardrobe. Of course there is still the need to hunt down some vintage pins for when my hair needs to be pulled back (which I'm finding is more often than not since I cut it recently) and maxi button down dresses. I'll just have to hit the thrift stores for that in March, just in time for my bday :)

For an update on my daily life, I recently started reading the Sherlock Holmes series and it is pretty good. Next on my list is Beloved, The Color Purple, Tolstoy's Ana, and Don Quijote. School is moving along and I can't wait for my break at the end of this month-long needed sleep shall be acquired.

Oh! and about those onion rings I mentioned in the other post-got some today and they were divine <3

(white converse with pink detailing/interior)

(black flats from UO)

(blue pants-HM; pink pants-wetseal)

(some printed shifts; black one made by grandma, pink is thrifted)